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River basin budgets from ERA-40

In this preprint of a semina at ECMWF, hourly river basinscale budgets are analyzed from ERA40 for the Mississippi, Mackenzie and Amazon rivers for 1990-1992. For the Mississippi comparisons are made with ERA15 and basin averaged observations. For the Mackenzie, comparisons are made with MAGS data.

A processed dataset is available for these river basins from the author for ERA-40 and ERA-Interim

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Betts, A. K. and P. Viterbo, (2001): River basin budgets from ERA-40. In “Workshop on Reanalysis”, ERA-40 Project Report series #3, 5-9 November, 2001, pp229-264. http://www.ecmwf.int/publications/library/ecpublications/proceedings/ERA40-reanalysisworkshop/bettsviterbo.pdf