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Community Talks and other Media talks and interviews

These talks to the community fall into three broad groups:

  • Talks to schools, citizen and business groups, church groups - a few narrative talks, but mostly powerpoint - here pdfs - some with video
  • TV, radio or film interviews
  • Commentaries on Vermont Public Radio. Read, listen, download pdf.
  • See Research for more technical talks: eg. UVM

Upcoming Talks

No Scheduled Talks
I have no talks scheduled at this point. Please contact me if you're interested in scheduling me for your next event!

Past Talks

2023-02-15Mother Nature's View of Climate Change
2023-01-27Mother Nature's View of Climate Change
UMass Amhurst, Integrated Leaning Building, Room 331
2022-11-18Earth’s View of Climate Change
Godnick Center. Rutland, VT
2020-04-28Climate Crisis: Facing uncertainties with Vision (630-8pm) [Now on-line]
Zoom - online
2020-04-26Earth Sunday talk (1030am)
United Church of Underhill (Zoom on-line)
2020-02-17Caring for the Earth
Stockbridge Historical Town Meeting Hall
2019-11-21Climate Change and increasing severe weather
Rutland South Rotary Club (Elks Club)
2019-10-08Climate Change and Increasing Severe Weather
VT State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) in Waterbury.
2019-09-05Climate Catastrophe Ahead
Bennington College
2019-08-14Climate Catastrophe Ahead: Can we still stop it?
Mount Holly Conservation Trust; at IOOF Hall, 37 Lake Street Belmont, VT
2019-04-22Climate Change and Community Resilience
White Mountain School
2019-04-09Climate Change and Community Resilience
Milton, Vermont
2019-03-07Climate Resilience and Sustainable Agriculture
Green Mountain College
2019-01-17The Climate Change Challenge
Rutland High School
2018-12-16The Climate Challenge (1030am)
Rutland Unitarian Universalist Church, West St.
2018-11-18Climate Change: our choices (350 meeting: 6pm)
Grace Congregational Church, Rutland VT
2018-09-19The Climate Change Challenge
Killington Rotary
2018-04-22The challenge we face: Earth Day 2018
Factory Point Park, Manchester at 2pm
2018-04-22Earth day message
Dorset Church, 10am
2018-04-13The Climate Change Challenge
Noon, Vermont Tech, Randolph Center, VT 05061
2017-11-08Resilience in a Time of Extreme Events: PBS film
Paramount Theater, Rutland Vermont
2017-11-04Climate Change and the Future
Mountain School, Vershire (4pm)
2017-11-04Understanding Climate Change: Vershire at 6:30pm
Vershire Town Center Building, Vershire VT
2017-11-02Climate Change, Hurricanes and Extreme Weather
Catholic Climate Covenant Webinar
2017-10-21Understanding climate change and its policy and practical implications
VTIPL conference: 10-4pm; First Congregational Church, Manchester, VT
2017-10-10Climate Change: gardening in Rutland
Rutland Garden Club - 1pm; Leahy Center, RRMC
2017-09-15The Climate Challenge Deepens : 2pm
Castleton University Science Colloquium
2017-08-19Climate Change: Sun and Fun event, Bennington: 10am
Second Congregational Church, Bennington
2017-08-15Radio Interview with Joe Gainza, Gathering Peace, Aug 15 at 9:30 AM
On WGDR 91.1 FM; WGDH 97.1 FM; www.wgdr.org : live streaming & archive
2017-06-21The Climate Challenge Deepens
CCV Winooski
2017-05-23The Climate Challenge deepens
Climate Change Cafe; Brooks Memorial Library, Brattleboro, 6-8:15pm
2017-04-28Climate Change and the Public Interest
Vermont Statehouse hearing: Committee on Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife (8:30am)
2017-04-22Climate Change and the Future of Vermont: Pawlet Energy Fair on Earth Day
Town Hall, Pawlet, Vermont, 3pm
2017-04-22Climate Science and the Public Interest
Fox Room, Rutland Free Library, Rutland, VT. 11:00am (Rutland March for Science: 10:30-12:30)
2017-04-12The Climate Challenge Deepens
Newsbank Conference Center, 352 Main Street, Chester, 7pm
2017-03-29Climate Change comes to Rutland
Fox Room, Rutland Library, 6:30pm
2017-02-09Climate Change and Resilience
2017-01-23How Will Climate Change Affect Vermont?
Wallingford Town Hall at 6:30pm
2016-12-14Interweaving climate research and public understanding (Bolin Talk - AGU)
AGU annual conference, San Francisco
2016-03-09Dealing with Climate Change
CCV Winooski
2015-10-25Caring for our common home: discussion of the Papal Encyclical
Dorset Church
2015-09-30Dealing with Climate Change (Manchester, VT: 5:30pm)
Green Mountain Academy (at Burr and Burton)
2015-09-29Adapting to Climate Change (Springfield, VT: 2pm)
OLLI, Nolin Murray Center
2015-08-16Caring for our common home
Rutland United Methodist Church
2015-06-17Understanding Climate Change (PEG-TV, Rutland)
PEG-TV studio, Rutland VT
2015-06-03Adapting to Climate Change (Mendon VT, 11:15am)
Mendon Methodist Church on Route 4 East across from Sugar & Spice Restaurant.
2015-04-21Global and local climate and our future
2015-04-15Adapting to Climate Change (Richford VT, 6:30pm)
Conference room, town of Richford
2015-04-14Créer un Climat d’Espoir - Creating a Climate of Hope
Église St-Ignace-de-Loyola, Québec
2015-04-07Climate Change, Vermont and the Future
Statehouse, Montpelier, VT
2015-02-27Adapting to Climate Change (Osher, Rutland at 1:30pm)
Godnick Adult Center, 1 Deer St., Rutland, VT
2015-02-12Understanding daily climate at northern latitudes (Howard Woodin Colloquium)
Middlebury College
2014-11-12China-US Climate Agreement on WDEV radio (10 min)
WDEV radio
2014-10-27Dealing with Climate Change
Dartmouth Osher, Hanover NH
2014-10-24Science, Earth and Spirit
Green Mountain College
2014-09-11Climate Change in the Northeast
Stoweflake Resort, Stowe, VT
2014-05-15Climate Change discussion (Thursday, 9:30-10:00)
WDEV radio
2014-04-22Climate Change Café: Dealing with Climate Change
Brooks Memorial Library, Brattleboro, 6pm
2014-04-17Dealing with Climate Change
Library, Montpelier, 6pm
2014-04-14Climate Change and Flooding in Vermont
Green Mountain College, 1 pm
2014-03-27Global Climate Change and Vermont
Norwich University, Northfield
2014-03-19Climate Change:a Question of Attitude
Rutland High School
2014-03-11Climate Change and Gardening
Ilsley Library, Middlebury, 1:00 pm (with Video)
2014-02-18Climate Change: transformation challenges for Vermont
Fletcher Allen, Burlington, 6:30 pm
2014-02-18Dealing with Climate Change: Pt. 2
ESI College, Middlebury, 1:30 pm
2014-02-04Dealing with Climate Change: Pt 1
ESI College, Middlebury, 1:30 pm
2014-01-24Climate Change: Implications for Vermont
HFHC, Mountain Top Inn, Chittenden, VT
2014-01-09Climate Change in Vermont (Panel Discussion)
Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury, 6 pm
2013-12-17Dealing with Climate Change
Vermont Technical College: Judd Hall
2013-10-16Climate Change - an Overview
2013-10-08Climate Change and Vermont
Lyndon Institute
2013-09-13Climate Change and Vermont
Essex Middle School
2013-08-27The Great Transition
Eastview, Middlebury at 3pm
2013-07-30Climate Change and Vermont
Eastview, Middlebury
2013-07-13Climate Update
SolarFest 2013
2013-04-23Global Climate Change and Vermont
Norwich University
2013-03-20Climate Change: the real story
Montpelier Senior Activity Center, 58 Barre St., 1:30pm
2013-03-11Climate Change in Vermont
Lyndon State College
2013-03-06Climate Change in Vermont
Burr and Burton Academy, Manchester VT
2013-02-14What Climate Change Means to Vermont
Pavilion Building, Montpelier VT
2013-02-11Vermont's Changing Climate
CCV Winooski
2013-02-07Water and Vermont's Changing Climate
Rockingham Free Public Library, 65 Westminster Street, Bellows Falls, Vermont
2013-01-17Vermont's Changing Climate
Salisbury Conservation Commission, at Salisbury Elementary School (7pm)
2012-12-05Climate Change and Vermont
Vermont Commons School
2012-11-01Climate Change in Vermont
North Branch Nature Center, 713 Elm Street, Montpelier, VT
2012-10-26Overview of Climate Change in New England
New England RCD Conference, Quechee VT
2012-10-18Climate Change In Vermont – What We Can Expect
One World Conservation Center, 413 US Rte. 7 South, Bennington, Vermont 05201
2012-09-19Climate Change, Vermont and the Future
Sustainable Development Policy, UVM, Burlington, Vermont
2012-06-12Climate Change and Vermont
Camel's Hump Middle School, Richmond, VT
2012-05-24Climate Change – What’s in store for Vermont?
WEC annual meeting, Montpelier
2012-03-23Climate Change in Vermont
Waitsfield Elementary school
2012-02-07Climate Change and Vermont (Friends of Winooski River)
Waterbury, Vermont
2012-02-05Science Pub: Climate Change and Vermont
Lakehouse Pub & Grille Route 30, 3 miles north of Route 4, Castleton: 4pm
2011-11-16Vermont Climate Literacy
DKG, Rutland, VT
2011-11-16Understanding Climate Change (with VIDEO)
St. Michael's College, VT
2011-09-29Climate Change and Vermont
UVM, Burlington, VT
2011-09-23Science, Earth and Spirit
Green Mountain College, Poultney, Vt
2011-07-28Climate Change and Vermont
CCV Winooski
2011-04-09Earth, Vermont and the Future
Merchants Hall, 40-42 Merchants Row, Rutland, Vermont
2011-04-02Climate Change and Vermont
VWA, Vermont Technical College, Randolph Center, VT
2011-03-24Climate Challenges facing Vermont
St. Johnsbury, North Congregational Church parlor
2011-03-24The Future Climate of Vermont
Lyndon State College
2011-03-19Climate Change: the State of the Earth
NESC, Holiday Inn, Marlboro, MA
2011-03-08Climate Change and Vermont
CCV Winooski
2011-02-09Climate Change in Vermont and the coming Transition
Tiny Theater, Main St, Poultney
2011-01-20Vermont, Climate Change and the Great Transition
Kellogg-Hubbard Library, Montpelier, Vermont
2010-11-04Climate Change & the Carbon link
Natural Resources Conservation, GMC
2010-10-20Global Warming and New England
Hanover, NH
2010-09-29Climate Change and Vermont
Johnson State College, Vermont
2010-09-21Climate change, energy and a resilient future
Castleton State College Soundings program
2010-09-19Climate Change: a global and local perspective
Marlboro College, Vermont
2010-05-19Understanding Climate Change
Killington Rotary
2010-03-16Managing the Earth System (with Video)
University of Vermont, Rubenstein School
2010-03-11Science & the Creation
First Congregational Church, Burlington, VT
2010-03-07Climate & the NE Seasons
STORM Conference, Saratoga, NY
2010-02-01Climate Change, Energy & Vermont
Maclure Library, Pittsford, VT
2009-04-19Caring for Creation: the choices we face
Earth Sunday, Grace UCC, Rutland, VT
2009-03-27Climate, Energy and Community
OSHER Lifelong Learning Inst., Rutland, VT
2008-05-07Weather and Climate Change -VPT Emerging Science Series
Vermont Public Television
2007-11-17Local Food
Winter Farmers Market, Rutland, VT
2005-09-27Impact of Climate Change on New England (Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering: VASE)
University of Vermont

Public Radio & TV, Interviews, Films

Many of the earlier ones are 3-min VPR commentaries, typically on climate and energy issues, or related VT issues. You can read, listen and download them here, or at vpr.net.

Recent interviews are often longer discussions of climate change issues

Rutland Herald, Talking Pictures: Climate Change (September 27, 2019, 19mins)

City Room TV interview of Alan Betts by Steven Pappas (August 27, 2015, 28min)

PEG-TV Insight interview on "Dealing with Climate Change" (June 9, 2014: 28min)

Climate Change and Vermont (WCAX Channel 3, Burlington, May 12, 2014: 5min)

Hurricane Irene in Vermont (Common Good Film: 7:25 mins)