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Vermont Experience

A new Sunday Environment section was started in January 2008 in the Vermont newspapers, the Rutland Herald and Barre-Montpelier Times Argus. It arose from discussions between the Herald editor, a community activist, and this author, a climate scientist. We selected the section editor, Elizabeth Gibson, and knowledgeable columnists from the local community. We actively solicit articles from a variety of Vermont perspectives -- researchers, state officials, students, farmers, businesses, teachers and many people who simply appreciate the beautiful environment of Vermont, known as the Green Mountain state. Our focus is the broad sweep of environmental issues - including climate change - that affect the state either directly or indirectly; and our aim is to suggest new strategies for individuals, communities and society. We edit material for scientific accuracy, and strive to encourage a broad debate.

The framework is holistic: attempting to explain both the underlying science of what is happening to the earth, as far as it is known; and how we the people, through our industrial society, are now deeply interwoven with the future of the earth and its ecosystems. My own columns go through the seasons, dealing with weather, climate, climate change, energy and policy issues as they are topical. They blend science with a systems perspective and encourage the reader to explore alternative and hopeful paths for themselves, their families and society.

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Betts, A. K. (2009), Vermont experience. Session 53, Role of Media in Dealing with Climate Change, International Scientific Congress on Climate Change: Copenhagen, March 10-12, 2009