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Weather and Climate Change -VPT Emerging Science Series

Talk Given At:
Vermont Public Television
Date of Talk:
May 7th, 2008

I was a contributer to the program: Weather and Climate Change in the VPT Emerging Science Series.

You can watch the show by clicking on the VPT link

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Emerging Science Series

Host: Amy Seidl

Emerging Science's host, Amy Seidl, is the Associate Director of the LivingFuture Foundation in Huntington, Vermont where she oversees the Foundation’s research in the science of sustainability. Amy holds a masters degree in entomology from Colorado State University and a PhD in biology from the University of Vermont where her dissertation research focused on the effect of climate change on alpine butterflies.

Executive Producer: Enzo Di Maio

As Executive Producer for documentaries and cultural affairs, Enzo has extensive experience of all phases of production, having worked in the technical, creative and managerial fields during his 30 year tenure in television. He is a multiple Boston/New England Emmy award winner.

Producer: Victor Guadagno

Victor Guadagno is an accomplished producer, editor and sound designer. Educated as an industrial engineer, Victor realized that although the Industrial Revolution brought opportunity and luxury to our culture, it also took its toll on the environment, and the "human element" of our systems. Seeking an avenue to contribute a more positive message, he became a digital storyteller through music, photography and video.

Funding for the Emerging Science project is provided by VT EPSCoR.

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