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Global Rebellion to save the Earth (Rebellion.Earth)

As I write in October 2019, the global Extinction Rebellion to save the Earth (Rebellion.Earth) is in its third day.

Their motto today is Compassion; awareness; courage. This remarkable group formed in the UK over the past winter and has spread across the globe. They understand deeply that climate change, and the extinction of so many species in the living biosphere, is a now a civil rights issue for our children and for the Earth itself: it is the crime of ecocide. Like previous civil rights issues, it will take non-violent civil disobedience to wake the conscience of reluctant societies and selfish people.

Time is running out as scientists have been shocked by how much climate change has accelerated in the past ten years. These Rebels are pushing for rapid reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions; asking for a serious attempt to zero our global carbon budget by 2025. Since our global carbon budget is still increasing despite 25 years of promises, this is unthinkable to our economic system. Actually a 50% reduction by 2025 would be a staggering achievement and set us on the right track.

In cities across the world this powerful non-violent rebellion is underway against the ecocidal reality of our global market economy that places no value on the future of the Earth. It is both peaceful and loving, creative and artistic, but relentless and disruptive, since without pressure governments will refuse to make the radical policy changes needed.

In London, Paris, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Greece, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Columbia, Poland, Spain and Australia, the Rebels are putting down roots. Many have been arrested, but their dance and music continue across the Earth. They understand clearly what most do not understand: that business as usual is driving accelerating climate change with catastrophic consequences for all life on Earth within the lifetime of our children and grand-children.

Because they see this clearly, they have resolved to resist for the sake of life on Earth. Generations to come will be grateful to them. I hope readers will stop and reflect deeply on their values, and act to support this courageous movement.

The download shows the narrative and pictures from the second day