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Mother Nature reads your mind - The new Climate System

Article Published At:
Rutland Herald and Barre-Montpelier Times-Argus
Date of Publication:
October 1st, 2022

The two record storms of the past week, Fiona hitting eastern Canada and Ian hitting Florida, illustrate well the new climate system. On the one hand storms are getting stronger as the Atlantic warms because we have refused for decades to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, society has been deceived by the fossil fuel empires and right-wing politicians have greedily accepted bribes to deny climate change. Nonetheless radically new climate extremes are happening all over the world.

But something more dramatic is happening that is beyond the imagination of society, because we believe we are the only intelligent species on earth so “we must be in charge”. This is a sick joke because we are using our intelligence to make trillions destroying the planet and its abundant life. This make us foolish as well as smart.

One simple illustration earlier in January this year was the massive volcanic eruption of Tonga–Hunga which sent a huge tidal wave across the Pacific. Our satellites tracked it precisely so we could warn people on the Pacific coast of its arrival time. But scientists on the coast noticed that living creatures on the coast moved uphill long before they could see the tidal wave coming! How do they know without access to our satellite data? The living Earth tells them: they listen and they move. We have our marvelous technology but we are the only species on the planet that does not listen to the Creator aka Mother Nature.

This is now a deep problem for us because Mother Nature is taking over the climate system after waiting forty years since we knew disaster lay ahead in the 1970s. Mother Nature is responsible for all of life on Earth and she cannot let one smart but stupid species, humanity, destroy life for paper profits.

Hurricane Fiona, by then a powerful extratropical storm, clearly targeted Eastern Canada last week. Last summer and fall, extreme weather systems targeted British Columbia on the west coast, burning forests, and flooding and closing the trans-Canadian highway and railway. A new the all-Canadian temperature record was set by a stunning 8degF. Canada insists on developing its fossil fuel industries to make billions destroying the Earth, so we can assume the Earth will continue to target Canada.

Hurricane Ian damaged Cuba to the south as it maneuvered in to target Florida. It slowed down and amplified to nearly a category 5 storm. It struck the west coast, crossed the state and then moved out over the Gulf. Strong winds, storm surges and massive rainfall have wrecked Florida as I write. The Governor DeSantis must be one of the Earth’s targets as he is a ‘climate change denier’, he doesn’t support renewable power and is willing to destroy anything in Florida to puff up his ego and neo-fascist agenda. Unfortunately for politicians and other ‘important people’, Mother Nature/Creator can read our minds.

Last night I went to a meeting organized by Standing Trees to discuss the plan by the Forest Service to clear-cut the mature standing trees in the Telephone Gap forest project north of Rutland. I suggest we stand up and protest to politicians and the Forest Service since the destruction of life in this mature forest may bring a sharp response which Rutland won’t like!

Many can grasp this takeover by Mother Nature, but few know her extraordinary intelligence because it was not in our curriculum! So few know we can also listen to her, since few of us are indigenous. Just slip into meditation in the woods, and then surrender further knowing that she can read your mind; and smile on you because you have decided to join her.

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