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Time to Join Mother Nature

Article Published At:
Green Energy Times
Date of Publication:
June 3rd, 2024

The Exxon senior scientist James Black modeled the impact of doubling CO2 on climate in 1978 and told management that they would have a time window of only five to 10 years before they would have to change policy. He was silenced and the fossil fuel industry has successfully bribed US politicians for 40 years not to hold them responsible for their criminal destruction on life on Earth as well as the killing of millions of people downstream. Most of Congress accepts money to ignore the Fossil Empire’s plans to destroy life on Earth. This is global ecocide by the Fossil Empire to keep profits flowing, with political help & large subsidies in the US. In Switzerland however some women climate activists all over the age of 64 brought a case against Switzerland way back in November 2016. After eight years of litigation, last month in mid-April the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found that Switzerland failed to implement sufficient climate policies — violating the women’s human rights. This case establishes a pathway for European citizens and civil society groups to successfully sue their countries for better climate policy. I am cheering with gratitude for these 2000 wise senior women. On a global scale, after waiting forty years for the US government to deal with the criminal fossil fuel industry, Mother Nature, the Creator herself has simply intervened to save species on Earth and use widespread coastal flooding along with storms to deal with capitalism. The transition has been stunningly fast especially in the past 12 months. Historically March at the end of the SH summer has been the warmest month in the NH. Starting last year everything changed as global SSTs rose in April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct & onward. Since the start of 2024, SSTs continued to climb with new records in Feb and March. The 2015 Paris Agreement threshold increase of 1.5oC is slipping away fast. Scientists are starting to worry. Gavin Schmidt, NASA-GISS said it is disquieting: “We haven’t really known what’s going on since about March of last year (2023).” This is not surprising as the scientific community has not grasped that the takeover of the climate system by the Creator to save life on Earth means the rule-book has changed, beyond our historic analyses in ways we do not understand. The Weather Service has added to its maps a new Magenta category for “Extreme Heat Risk” as a warning to people, health systems and heat-sensitive industries. The scale of the transition is so huge that politicians, who naively still think “we are in charge” cannot grasp the on-going reality at all. One fundamental issue is that our society and our science lacks the basic understanding of indigenous people who are connected with the Creation. No surprise here as society spent a thousand years killing indigenous people to steal their land and support the dark vision of the Emperor of Rome when he created the catholic church, and suppressed the teachings of the indigenous Jesus. I find this example humorous. There are 3 Indigenous populations living close to the Canadian coast in British Columbia, speaking three separate indigenous languages; each associated with a distinct group of Grizzlies, which have not interbred for the past 900 years (based on genetic data). There are no physical barriers preventing the bears from interbreeding. Instead, there is a cultural-knowledge-sharing connection between people and bears, which stuns scientists. Finally one scientist asked one indigenous Elder who smiled: “They have been our bears for ever.” Come into the woods and I will introduce you to mine by name. I have known them since I was 5-yrs old! The scientist gets it – but he can’t face a 75yr-old Grizzly, who can probably read his mind! Our technology has achieved so much but it has not been merged with wisdom. We have lost much of our ability to follow and understand Mother Nature the Creator. When a tidal wave, like from Hunga Tonga, sweeps across the Pacific, satellites track precisely when it will hit the West Coast, and issue warnings for people on the coast. But always, long before the wave can be seen, creatures who are mobile move uphill to be safe. Scientists mutter: “How do they know, without our satellite data?” Ecologists whisper: Mother Nature tells them, and they Listen! We too will have to Listen but living in our high-tech-based world, we are essentially the only species that does not listen. We will have to change, but our corrupt politicians, lost in global ecocide for profit, cannot. Still, we as caring and loving individuals can grasp reality, and join the Creator so she can help us.

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