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Truth that sets you Free

Article Published At:
Rutland Herald and Barre-Montpelier Times-Argus
Date of Publication:
October 15th, 2022

The Truth will set you free – to act on behalf of the living Creation

In the west, we attribute this to Yeshua (Jesus) the indigenous Aramaic speaking Jewish teacher, who was making a statement about reality from the indigenous perspective. It is globally true regardless of religious beliefs, because it is true for the Creation or in more colloquial terms Mother Nature, the living Earth herself.

This Truth sets you free from the webs of lies of politicians, advertising and all the misuse of human power and greed. This is a vast challenge for our society, so I am going to spell out some of these webs of lies. With clarity it becomes easier to step into the Truth of the Creator’s world and feel the refreshing power and warmth of the Freedom to act wisely. I realize that even once we see, it takes time to unravel the webs that have been designed to trap us.

The list of course is long. Politicians are interested in power, not the truth, so often they feel they have to lie. Some like Trump set new records with tens of thousands of lies, because his agenda was to destroy democracy in America, get rich and puff up his unimaginably sick ego. But all politicians may lie or shade the truth because they are afraid that telling the real truth could lose them votes. Many are being bribed to lie; and the media and especially the electronic media are free to lie to confuse the public, and collect money for their sponsors.

Virtually all advertising uses skillful lies to persuade you to buy something that you may not need, or believe something that allows rich individuals or corporations to profit. In fact our capitalist system is based on exploiting individuals and the earth itself to make money for wealthy individuals and corporations. At the top end is the fossil fuel empire who are making trillions destroying the planet and future generations of life using massive webs of lies to deceive.

Of course everything is ‘legal’ because it is cheap to bribe politicians to pass protective laws or deny climate change. However it is still a staggering crime against Mother Nature; and as I said in my 1 October article, she is now using the climate system to respond emphatically.

As an amusing aside, right-wing politicians claimed the targeting of Florida by hurricane Ian was really the democratic Deep State’s weather machines punishing Republican governor Ron DeSantis. Remarkably this fantasy is only one lie from the Truth. This was on Mother Nature’s agenda, since she can read the evil mind of DeSantis!

Many of our western religious groups have lied for centuries to protect their own power, wealth and doctrines. The indigenous Aramaic speaking Yeshua (Jesus) had to be killed because he stood for the Truth rather than the power of Jewish and Roman rulers. At the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, Christianity was rewritten to meet the power needs of the male Roman Emperor. The true Aramaic gospels were destroyed and the Catholic Church was created with of course male priests. Over many centuries indigenous people were killed for their land and because the priests were horrified that the indigenous leaders understood the teachings of the indigenous Jesus far better than they did! A few like St Francis understood the living Creation, which is why Pope Francis took his name.

Now we have bogus Christians on the US Supreme Court, who feel free to rule against women’s rights, voting rights and climate change etc. They are backed by groups like the Southern Baptist Convention, which has a list of some 700 male chauvinist leaders who are allowed to rape teenage girls to train them in proper submission to men! All these fake Christians are terrified of the teachings of Jesus about the Truth. They cannot face the Truth that would set them free, since they would have to step away from their lying webs into the world of Mother Nature and the Creation as Jesus did.

These tragic webs of lies are all around us, but we can step into the world of the Creation and Mother Nature and see the Truth – along with so many wise teachers around the world. It is breathtaking to experience the freedom to act on behalf of the Creation and each other. Just step into Vermont’s forests and listen to the trees and surrender deeply to the Creation.

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