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Tropical Meteorology: Panel Report, Radar in Meteorology

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Radar in Meteorology: Battan Memorial and 40th Anniversary Radar Meteorology Conference

Edited by David Atlas

This fully illustrated volume covers the history of radar meteorology, deals with the issues in the field from both the operational and the scientific viewpoint, and looks ahead to future issues and how they will affect the current atmosphere. With over 200 contributors, the volume is a product of the entire community and represents an unprecedented compendium of knowledge in the field. 1990. 806 pages, hardbound; ISBN 0-933876-86-6, AMS Code RADMET.

Table of Contents

Preface ix Acknowledgments xi Tribute to Professor Louis J. Battan xiii I. HISTORY 1 Early Developments of Weather Radar during World War II 3 J.O. Fletcher 2 Weather Radar in the United States Army's Fort Monmouth Laboratories 7 Donald M. Swingle 3 Radar Meteorology at Radiation Laboratory, MIT, 1941 to 1947 16 Isadore Katz and Patrick J. Harney 4 Weather Radar at MIT 22 Pauline M. Austin and Spiros G. Geotis 5 A History of Weather Radar Research in the U.S. Air Force 32 James L Metcalf and Kenneth M. Glover 6 Radar Meteorology at the National Severe Storms Laboratory, 1964-1986 44 Edwin Kessler 7 A History of Radar Meteorology in the United Kingdom 54 J.R. Probert-Jones 8 The Stormy Weather Group (Canada) 61 R.H. Douglas 9 History of Radar Meteorology in Japan 69 Nobuhiko Kodaira and Jiro Aoyagi

10 Radar Meteorology in India: A Brief Historical Perspective SM. Kulshrestha 11 Radar Meteorology in The People's Republic of China 80 Yu-Mao Xu 12 Early Foundations of the Measurement of Rainfall by Radar .. . 86 David Atlas and Carlton W. Ulbrich 13 Advances in Precipitation Physics Following the Advent of Weather RadarA.S. Dennis and ty.F. Hitschfeld 98 14 Polarization Diversity in Radar Meteorology: Early DevelopmentsThomas A. Seliga, Robert G. Humphries, and James I. Metcalf 109 15 Foundations of Severe Storm Detection by RadarRalph J. Donaldson 115 16 The Early Years of Doppler Radar in MeteorologyR.R. Rogers 122 17 The History of Radar Studies of the Clear AtmosphereKenneth R. Hardy and Kenneth S. Gage 130 18 Lightning Investigation with RadarEarle R. Williams, Vladislav Mazur, and Spiros G. Geotis 243 II. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 19a Technology of Polarization Diversity Radars for MeteorologyV.N. Bringi and A. Hendry 153 19b Technology of Polarization Diversity Radars for Meteorology: Panel ReportJames I. Metcalf 191

20a Signal Processing for Atmospheric RadarsR. Jeffrey Keeler and Richard E. Passarelli 199 20b Signal Processing: Panel ReportDusan S. Zrnic 230 21a UHF/VHF Radar Techniques for Atmospheric Research and Wind Profiler Applications/. Rottger and M.F. Larsen 235 21b Clear-Air Radar Technology: Panel ReportBen B. Balsley 282 22a Meteorological Radar Observations from Mobile PlatformsPeter H. Hildebrand and Richard K. Moore .,. . 287 22b Airborne/Spaceborne Radar: Panel ReportDavid P. jorgensen and Robert Meneghini 315 23a Cloud Microphysics and RadarA.R. Jameson and D.B. Johnson 323 23b Cloud Microphysics and Radar: Panel Report 341 Kenneth V. Beard and Robert M Rauher 24a Convective Dynamics 348 Peter Ray 24b Convective Dynamics: Panel Report 391 R. Carbone, B. Foote, M. Moncrieff, T. Gal-Chen, W. Cotton, M. Hjelmfelt, F. Roux, G. Heymsfield, and E. Brandes

25a Radar Observations of Tropical Weather Systems 401 Frank D. Marks, Jr.

25b Tropical Meteorology: Panel Report 426

Edward Zipser, Alan Betts, Frank Ruggiero, and Barry Hinton

26a Organization and Internal Structure of Synoptic and Mesoscale Precipitation Systems in Midlatitudes 433 K.A. Browning

26b Mesoscale Organization and Processes: Panel Report 461 David B. Parsons, Bradley F. Smull, and Douglas K. Lilly

Appendix: Notes on the Physical Mechanisms of Mesoscale Precipitation Bands, Kerry A. Emanuel

27a Radar Research on the Atmospheric Boundary Layer 477 Earl E. Gossard

27b The Atmospheric Boundary Layer: Panel Report 528 Robert A. Kropfli

28a Radar Observations of the Free Atmosphere: Structure and Dynamics 534 Kenneth S. Gage

28b Radar Observations of the Free Atmosphere: Panel Report ... . 566 W.H. Hooke

OPERATIONAL APPLICATIONS 29a Precipitation Measurement and Hydrology 577 Jurg Joss and Albert Waldvogel

Appendix A: Radar Data Processing and Short-Period Forecasting in the United Kingdom, C.G. Collier

29b Precipitation Measurement and Hydrology: Panel Report 607 Paul L. Smith

30a Severe Thunderstorm Detection by Radar 619 Donald W. Burgess and Leslie R. Lemon

30b Severe Storm Detection: Panel Report Joseph H. Golden 648 31a The Application of Weather Radar to Aviation MeteorologyT. Theodore Fujita and John McCarthy . ., 657 31b Aviation Meteorology: Panel Report James Wilson 682

References* 689 Current Addresses of Contributors 777 Index 781

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Zipser, E.J., A.K. Betts, F. Ruggiero, and B. Hinton, 1990: Tropical Meteorology: Panel Report, Radar in Meteorology, D. Atlas, Ed., Amer. Meteor. Soc., 426-432.